The 2-Wheeled Klip with two rear crutch tips provides extra resistance and moves slower than a 4 wheeled walker. It provides a normal walking pattern as it does not have to be lifted off the floor, yet is easier to move than a standard pick-up walker.

It is available in three sizes for toddlers, kids and young adults.


  • Height adjustable to ensure proper fit and accommodate future growth
  • 5” front wheels and rear crutch tips
  • Latex-free handgrips with flanged ends reduce strain on user’s hands
  • Folds easily for compact storage and transport
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • 3-year limited warranty





The Klip’s choice of accessories accommodates children with a range of supportive positioning requirements. You can choose one or combine multiple accessories for a fully supported upright gait trainer.

Installation is simple and accessories are easily added or removed as walking skills evolve.

Pelvic Stabilizer


Provides lateral hip support, improves alignment and balance, and promotes an upright position. Adjustable strap adds safety when walking. The Pelvic Stabilizer is height and width adjustable and can be used on any size Klip Gait Trainer.

Forearm Platform


Fully adjustable for comfortable weight-bearing and support from elbow to wrist. Height, depth, and lateral adjustable, the forearm platforms also rotate. The Handgrips extend forward/backward, rotate, and are angle adjustable.

Cushioned Sling Seat


Adjustable sling seat provides weight bearing assistances, stabilizes hip and pelvis and centers user within the walker.

Bumper Guards


Protects walls from marks and dents and cushions impact felt by user. The Bumper Guards can be used on any size Klip Gait Trainer and is adaptable to most walker legs.

Additional Models