About Us

We are committed to keeping kids and teens and their families on the go!


Established by Abraham & Pearl Goldstein, Circle Specialty’s mission is to provide an affordable, niche line of rehab equipment designed to help kids and teens achieve maximum mobility and independence both indoors and outdoors.

As the former owners of the Wenzelite product line and drawing on over 25 years of experience, we launched our new company, Circle Specialty to provide products guaranteed to be comfortable, durable, and aesthetically kid-friendly.

Our goal is to provide choices in the full spectrum of pediatric care.


We are committed to providing a wide array of products for kids and teens that will cover the full spectrum of their needs throughout the day, from walking to sitting to bathing and sleeping.


A growing partnership


We at Circle Specialty are constantly working with experts and consumers to develop and improve our products. We strive to deliver only the best.

We encourage your feedback. Please send your suggestions and comments to info@circlespecialty.com.