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Available in 2 sizes, the pango is an attractive activity chair designed for kids with mild to moderate positioning needs. It is designed to promote better posture and improves the stability and comfort of the user.

In addition to standard key features of a contoured seat and back, angle adjustable back, height adjustable seat, and pelvic belt, the pango has the unique feature of seat angle adjustability.

Below is a list of our range of accesories which are catered to the individual’s needs and circumstances.

  • Headrest

  • Adjustable Laterals

  • Foot Ankle Positioner

  • Stabilizer

  • Trunk Harness

  • Hip Guides

  • Abductor

  • Tray

  • Mobility Wheels

  • Adjustable Wheels

  • Guide Bar

Available in 2 sizes, the anchor bath chair is ideal for growing children with special needs who require assistance while bathing. The anchor is designed to provide a range of positioning for optimum fit and comfort in the shower and bath. The aluminum frame is covered with a fast-drying mesh fabric, padded support bars for positioning comfort and non-slip rubber pads for secure placement. The anchor folds flat for easy storage.

Highly adjustable – The anchor features one-handed angle adjustable legs, seat and back. Both the seat and back are angle adjustable at 3 different positions.

Growth adjustability – The anchor is seat depth adjustable and allows the chair to grow with the child.

Standard Features

  • Adjustable Headrest

  • Truck and Pelvic Positioning Strap

  • Leg Strap


  • Rolling Shower Base

  • Lateral Support

Headrest and positioning straps can be placed anywhere along the length of the chair and are secured when slipping it through the slots of the two vertical strips on the chair.